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Portfolios | my.zacks.com (Zacks.com offers three model portfolios and a list of #1 Zacks Ranked Stocks to provide you with investment ideas, each based on a stock-picking methodology that has historically outperformed the S&P 500)

Validea.com Guru Analysis (See which stocks are today's best investments based on Validea's interpretation of the theories of Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham and other stock-picking legends)

3 keys to by-the-numbers stock-picking - MSN Money (Martin Zweig's no-nonsense approach made him a legend in the financial services industry. Harry Domash duplicated his disciplined strategy and came up with 18 stocks.)

Stock picking and Stock Picks at StockHeadquarters (Stock picking newsletter)

Dogs of the Dow - www.dogsofthedow.com (Dogs of the Dow)

Doh.com - Stock Picks (Stock picks: stock portfolios for medium to long term investors. Stock analysis: stock analysis on the largest companies in the US stock market. Stock advice: pages of quotes from the world's greatest investors. Stock info for the stocks you own.)

ChangeWave.com: Your Partners in New Economy Prosperity (Tobin Smith's systematic approach to selecting tech stocks)

The Bull Market Report - Creating Long Term Wealth (A daily email newsletter focused on long-term growth, value, and income-generating investments. The Bull Market Report provides investors with actionable daily market commentary and analysis. Its Recommended List of stocks has outperformed the S&P 500 since 1997.)

ValuEngine.com - Portfolio Advisor Service: Discover how to optimize your portfolio with ValuEngine portfolio advisor (ValuEngine utilizes a formula that accounts for past and future earnings and the current yield of Treasury bonds to come up with "fair values" for stocks. This technique enables the screening of undervalued stocks.)

The Public Register's Annual Report Service - PRARS - Free Annual Reports (PaceSetters Database screens companies by strict financial criteria. Management associated with the companies that meet this criteria generally have proven their expertise. Rewards are measurable in the price of their company's stock, P/E ratio and corporate esteem. PaceSetters companies are high in cash flow, low in debt and excellent in management.)




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